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15% Daily for 25 Days, 180% After 3 Days, 250% After 5 Days, 440% After 7 Days, 740% After 16 Days, 1300% After 34 Days
Инвестиционно: $100.00
Направление: 5%
Выплаты: Инстант
Мин / Макс: 20 /No Limit
выплата: Mar 18th, 2018
Монитор : Feb 23rd, 2018
Онлайн Дни: 29 дней
Контролируемая: 29 дней
голос: 24 1 0 0 9.8  
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PerfectMoney Bitcoin Payeer Advcash
Just Financial Gold has been dealing with investments related to gold mining, refining, distribution all over the world for over thirty years and, above all, today we have become world leaders for the financial management of a colossal quantity of specialized investment funds exclusively on gold deposits and international speculation on all world markets, we have subscriptions of thousands of private investors and dozens of institutional investors who enjoy the privilege of earning millions of dollars every day through our financial services. Just Financial Gold through this platform offers a very effective tool to make money, thanks to the huge daily investments and the security of financial stability of gold, are generated very high earnings with online investments in a simple but above all safely! It is possible to deposit any amount of money, there are no limits and there are no costs of any kind and, very important, there are no income limits! All this is very easy to obtain, you need to do a short registration procedure, make a money transfer and wait for the chosen plan to expire.Our staff, highly prepared and qualified, is always ready for any of your requests or special needs, so you can contact us at any time for any of your needs. I just want to remind you that the bigger the amount deposited the more money you will earn, just register, make a deposit and start earning money!
4% for 50 working days and other.
Инвестиционно: $200.00
Направление: 10%
Выплаты: авто
Мин / Макс: 5 /1000000
выплата: Mar 19th, 2018
Монитор : Mar 12th, 2018
Онлайн Дни: 12 дней
Контролируемая: 12 дней
голос: 21 0 0 0 10.0  
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PerfectMoney Bitcoin Payeer Advcash litecoin Nixmoney
The idea of AK47.CAPITAL is the association with "currency machine gun". Our "currency machine gun" make everyone able to not only "shoot" dollars, Bitcoins, Litecoins and/or Etherium but also to do it as convenient as possible! All you need is to select the investment plan, point the amount of investment and requisites for dividends payouts and finally pay the invoice.
12.5% daily for 16 days, 25% daily for 8 days, 50% daily for 4 days
Инвестиционно: $200.00
Направление: 10%-4%-4%-2%
Выплаты: Ручные
Мин / Макс: $50 /$199999
выплата: No Payouts
Монитор : Mar 13th, 2018
Онлайн Дни: 11 дней
Контролируемая: 11 дней
голос: 0 1 0 0 5.0  
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PerfectMoney Bitcoin Payeer Okpay Advcash litecoin Payza
DOUBLE YOUR INVESTMENT NET LTD started its activities in 2018 with its head office in London, United Kingdom, Address: 58 Springbank Road, London, United Kingdom, SE13 6SN. Registered UK Company No. 11234089. Access https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/11234089 to Check the Authenticity of the Company. We work with investors and clients from all over the world, and you can contact us by Email, Online Chat and Phone. Our Support works 24 Hours a day and 7 Days a week. We are Specialists in "Binary Options", and we operate with the funds of our investors and every day to generate income for our Company and our Clients. Our Company and expert team actually operates in Binary Options Brokers (OlympTrade, IQOption). All actual Proof of our Binary Options Transactions are saved by our Binary Trader Team. You can request at any time by email (support@doubleyourinvestment.net) the Proof of the Binary Operations made by our Binary Trader Team. You can invest in our company in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) or Payeer. We have 3 investment plans, you can double your investment in 4 Days, 8 Days or 16 days. Your earnings can be withdrawn daily, and the minimum withdrawal is $5 and withdrawal processing is 1 to 2 business days. You can Make Deposits and Request Withdrawals in our Company using Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) or Payeer. Just by Investing in our Company, your earnings are credited daily to your Account Balance, without the need for extra activities. Invest Now in "DOUBLE YOU INVESTMENT NET LTD" and Double Your Investment in 4 Days, 8 Days or 16 Days. Welcome!
8%-12% Daily For 25 Days
Инвестиционно: $200.00
Направление: 7-3-1%
Выплаты: Инстант
Мин / Макс: 0.01 eth /Unlimited
выплата: Mar 20th, 2018
Монитор : Mar 7th, 2018
Онлайн Дни: 17 дней
Контролируемая: 17 дней
голос: 29 0 0 0 10.0  
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PerfectMoney Bitcoin
TORNADO CRYPTOCURRENCY LIMITED is a private online investment company that has been legally registered in United Kingdom. We are a group of the skilled financial professionals having a high level of knowledge and long term practice in the investment field. We have been working as a private fund since several years . Now we have opened our online project offering our activities worldwide. We reinvest the funds we receive from our investors. The funds are invested into high growth securites on all major stock markets of the world. We also trade actively on the Forex Market. TORNADO CRYPTOCURRENCY LIMITED mission is to provide our investors with a great oppurtunity for their funds by investing as prudently as possible in various areanas to gain a high rates in return

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